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About AV Universal Corporation

A V Universal is a total tune-up auditory acoustic visual tackle rental and performance supplier in Washington DC as well as North Virginia province. The industry presents varied services like monitor, speaker, projector, lack of wire microphone moreover each single appliance compulsory for discussion, business procedures, churches, weddings, assembly, eatery, personal actions and civic agenda. The AV Universal has the recent and novel AV tools and goes for pioneering ways to hand over and makes an influence on clients. We take massive delight in our insistence to patrons. Our personnel are competently well trained and have a proficiency in this field associated with conference equipment rental. Please approach us now to talk about your events .preparation and scheming events is our capability. Our well-informed technical employees will assist you choose equipment that convene your wants.

Audio-Visual tools provided by the Company

The Shure’s Consultation ONE i Discussion method is extremely simple to fit and employ.  It was built for use at consultation, meetings, stage discussions and other similar small- to medium-sized purpose. Consultation ONE i put together Shure’s unproved IntelliMix® automatic mixing expertise and corporation-values Microflex® gooseneck microphones that is  everything wanted in a coordination – mixer, amp plus high-class loudspeaker . Conference Unit system includes a power deliver unit, a chairman comfort moreover up to 59 allots consoles. External component like blender, wireless microphones, music basis, recorders otherwise if necessary, external PA arrangement can be linked to the command provider. A V Universal offers audio rental services.  Telos ONE modem that is a superb digital handset hybrid performance for transmit, teleconferencing, and interactions function. Proven Telosprocessing know-how carries out all hybrid role, gain power, and filtering wholly in the digital area. The employ of intelligent software, quite than multifaceted hardware, builds the Telos ONE extremely affordable while makes sure consistently superior presentation regardless of telephone row uniqueness.

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