Happy New Year 2016

Audio and Video services play a key part in the successful commencement of an event, they sometimes literally define the quality of the event. So, we shall be careful about selecting the quality of audio & video tools for an event.

AV Universal is an musical instruments supplier based in Washington DC which has got the reputation of providing quality audio & video instruments for each and every type of event. AV universal provides theme based instruments and arrangement for all types of events like coolege fest, school function, birthday party, business event etc. not only this we are also providing,  AV rental dc services that is we are providing instruments and arrangements on rent. For that, you just have to put –up 50% advance and you can also test the instruments that you want to take on rent. All the instruments for which you put-up 50% is available at the time of pick-up, if it is not available superior brand replica is provided without any extra charge. That is the advantage that you are get in our Video equipment rental Washington DC plan. We also provide for the business meetings, conferences and seminars so if you are planning to organize a seminar or conference we are providing i-pad for your seminar, we are providing lighting and stage arrangement and also providing speaker rental Washington dc town. Your Each and every requirement related to acoustics would be fulfilled by us.

Our commitment and dedication has made our clients come to us time and again for their new events and this has been visible in our sales order that has grown immensely. The crown also enjoys the solemn music and arrangements and finds themselves immersed in that. This has made us the number one dealer in acoustics in Washington DC.

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