Happy New Year 2016

Lumbosacral Belt India


In the busy life on road now – a – days has created an immense traffic to be faced on day to day life, which compels you to be seat strength on your vehicles for long hours. This day to day practice has become a common problem of pain in the Lumbar and Sacral regions of the ribs. We at HEMC has analyzed this problem in deep and presents you the Lumbosacral Belt India which are made in such a design and quality material that it provides you full back support for the immobilization of your Lumbar and Sacral regions. For the fitting purposes suspenders are provided and also these belts are available with us in various sizes as each person is unique In their physical status.
      The belts are blessed with the Velcro strips which provides the flexibility and comfort to the user by the compression and relaxation ability provided by the intervention of the strips in the belt also these can be attached to the machine electrode where ever the physiotherapy conditions are needed.
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